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Safety Information

Carbon Monoxide (or CO)- The Silent Killer

Always be aware that any gas appliance from boilers to fires and cookers can potentially produce carbon monoxide. It is important to have your gas appliance regularly serviced which includes cleaning, checking the emissions, correct function and safety devices.

It is not recommended to use a non-audible colour change detector, as often by the time they have changed colour, high levels of carbon monoxide have already been produced.  They also need changing regularly, on average every 90 days.  If the gas appliance produces carbon monoxide at night again this may remain unnoticed for some time.

Effects of CO poisoning,


Examples of Detectors:

              Non Audible                              Audible                                  Audible


Upon a recent service we came across the below incident where the detector had turned black and the home owner knew nothing about it. The boiler was checked with an analyser which found it was producing carbon monoxide.  The appliance was serviced, the levels checked again and issued with a valid gas safety certificate.

A replacement audible detector was fitted in the correct location and the operation explained to the homeowner.

Always remember to regularly check both your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. They can save lives.